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Citrus Informatics Dedicated Research Development
Citrus Informatics Offshore Development Center Set-up

Dedicated Research and Development

Product innovation is a major driver of growth and is more often than not, the result of intensive and expensive investments in research and development. However, shrinking R&D budgets, rising costs, increasing complexity of the R&D process and rapidly changing market dynamics have created a considerable shift and restructuring in the way companies are approaching R&D. A large number of technology companies are increasingly outsourcing product R&D to achieve greater efficiencies and economies of scale.

Citrus Informatics Dedicated Research DevelopmentIt is not just the cost that is driving companies to outsource R&D. The availability of proficient technical knowledge, creative and experienced personnel bringing out innovative products in shorter development cycles is also a factor that is leading companies to outsource their R&D. These short development cycles also help companies put their products out into the market faster thereby giving them a competitive edge.

It’s the quality and caliber of the people engaged in an R&D project rather than their number that ensures its successful completion. Citrus Informatics has a compact team of highly qualified and talented software engineers with expertise in various technology streams and exposure to several industry verticals. With their ability to think out of the box and their determination to deliver the best, they come up with innovative and path-breaking solutions that meet the R&D requirements of our clients. Additionally, they keep the clients posted with regular, timely and accurate progress reports throughout the entire project life cycle.

Citrus Informatics believes in building lasting relationships with clients and offers a flexible and transparent engagement model. We are willing to begin building this relationship with a one-off transactional type of engagement, use that to build trust and confidence and slowly nurture the relationship to the level of a strategic alliance. We transfer full intellectual property rights to our clients on completion of the research initiative, so the end product becomes entirely theirs – lock, stock and barrel.

It’s not just offshore R&D work that Citrus Informatics can do for you. We can provide you with a team of IT professionals with the specific skills that you require and they will work as an extension of your own office, filling in for whatever skills sets and capabilities it is that you lack. If you’ve been thinking of expanding facilities in your own office to meet increased workload, think again. Citrus Informatics provides you with a ready built space, hardware, software, connectivity, and just the type of manpower you would require at much lower costs.

Offshore Development Center Set-up

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is a dedicated facility used for designing, developing and testing software solutions and applications, that is set up outside the home country to take advantage of the technical expertise and cost savings that countries like India offer.

Offshore Development Center Set-up CitrusWhile the strategic advantages that ODCs offer are for real, setting one up is no trivial task. Companies often run into difficulties due to lack of familiarity with legal requirements in the host country, inaccurate budget projections, underestimation of the dynamics involved in the hiring process, lack of understanding of the complexities involved in developing an appropriate HR policy and underestimation of the effort required for planning and putting in place the physical infrastructure including real estate, hardware and software. It helps to have a reliable partner who can take care of these hurdles and create a fully functional ready-to-go environment that will help you jump start your offshore operations.

Citrus Informatics has prior experience in setting up ODCs from scratch and can step in to provide you with just the solution you require. Existing companies wanting to expand operations can use our services to set up dedicated offshore offices that will function as seamless extensions of their existing facilities while substantially reducing overhead costs. Our services are also ideal for persons who want to leverage the extensive network of contacts that they have built, and use that to start a new venture in the IT arena. We can help them substantially reduce their initial start-up costs.

Clients can start small and scale up as assignments start coming in. They can have their own management in place, with Citrus Informatics providing only general oversight. We can also provide a build-operate-transfer (BOT) type of arrangement wherein we will set up the remote development center as per the requirements of the client and equip it at an optimal cost, staff it with resources having the specific skill sets and operate the facilities based on terms that have been previously agreed upon. During this period we will ensure that the unit achieves operational stability. We will then hand over the entire facility to the client including the staff at a pre-agreed price. Key areas that we will pay special attention to will include cultural integration, communication, skill orientation and knowledge transfer to bring the new team up to speed, and protection of intellectual property rights of all artifacts produced during the period of operation under our command.